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Growth is Hard. Search Presence is Vital.

Search engines present the single most important channel for growing your web traffic. Conventional techniques for search engine optimization (SEO) are still a greatly manual effort. SEM / Paid marketing is a bidding war. 95% of content published online doesn't rank at all. Search engines like Google have become increasingly elusive using AI and data, making your job much more complex - if not exasperating.

Level Up Your Search Engine and Content Game

Level Up Your Search Engine and Content Game

With Quattr, you are armed with your own AI to evaluate your and competing websites like search engines do. Quattr scours for the best growth opportunities and focuses your efforts on things that matter. The myriad of data collected by Quattr for your website, your content and your competition are like pieces of a puzzle. Our algorithms know how to put them together and continuously adjust with change. Thus, you are better equipped to score wins that you can measure in real time.

SEM & SEO Technology that Earns Search Engine Traffic

Quattr's intent and content aware AI platform has completely reimagined search engine optimization (SEO) technology, paid marketing (SEM) and inbound marketing to make your job easy. Our search intent driven technology unveils individual trends from multi-terabytes of data just like a prism does to a ray of light. That means you can now continuously align with the search engine's changing rules and AI smarts to become their best friend. Or even get ahead and unlock growth spurts from each algorithm change!

SEM & SEO Technology that Earns Search Engine Traffic

Optimize Content, Experience and Discoverability with Quattr

Proven Results

Quattr's innovative platform has been built by industry experts with several years of collective experience at leading websites. Our technology has demonstrated strong results irrespective of the size and span of the websites. From global top 50 brands to startups, Quattr is helping each one move closer to their desired digital goals and so much more. Here are some case studies on how Quattr is driving faster website traffic growth from search engines.

Case Study 1: 8X Traffic In A Year

An eCommerce learning portal was not only growing too slowly but was stuck with a 47% drop in traffic after a redesign. With Quattr, the portal grew its users by an incredible 8X in the first full year. It was also able to achieve 9x ROI and gained a global market share from all major online learning portals.

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Case Study 2: Shifted Paid Conversions to Organic Channel to See 11X Growth In A Year

A fast-growing consumer healthcare startup faced stalling organic growth and spiraling paid traffic costs for the high-value search intents. Their marketing and product teams utilized Quattr's content recommendations and an expert concierge to rework the landing pages & deliver a high-quality experience. The better-converting pages, not only created 11X more organic traffic but also provided a platform for scaling paid acquisition, offering a path to hyper-scaling growth sustainably.

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Make Growth Easy with Quattr

Here is how Quattr does it

Quattr brings all your web development, SEO, SEM, and inbound marketing efforts in one place. Our technology uncovers answers that explain performance trends and ranking signals. It uses these to provide ranked recommendations with quantified value. Our concierge services translate this technological edge into faster growth and ROI for you.

Quattr Provides Answers

that Explain Web Traffic Trends

Activate Data and Discover Opportunities

Your tracking tools like Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Google Ads, Enterprise SEO, and more only offer a myopic and disconnected view of your data. Today's competitive environment demands looking broadly from both your user's and your brand's perspective. Your evolving web footprint is increasingly overlooking growth opportunities, all the time.

Activate Data and Discover Opportunities
Gain a 360° High Resolution View to Amplify Impact

Gain a 360° High Resolution View to Amplify Impact

Our AI continuously learns about your user’s search intents and your evolving content. It then provides an intent-driven panoramic picture for accurately observing user acquisition trends and search engine ranking signals. Quattr's technology leads to answers that amplify your content and team's impact. And, what is better? There is zero IT setup or effort required on your part.

Get Quantified Recommendations

that Move the Needle

Your Resources are Limited, Ambitions are not!

Most websites are losing 20 to 30% of audience opportunity with current resources. Quattr detects, analyzes, and ranks the trends and opportunities to focus on for faster user acquisition and allows you to stay ahead.

Your Resources are Limited, Ambitions are not!
Turn Search Engines into a Competitive Advantage

Turn Search Engines into a Competitive Advantage

Quattr provides smart, quantified, and ranked recommendations that show the path to gain net new traffic. We are constantly analyzing the data we connect together for you. Our recommendations drive faster growth than your competition. Achieve a compounding lead in market share from every website you leave behind in search engines.

A Growth Concierge

designed to deliver Success

AI Expertise that ensures your Growth

Quattr’s growth concierges are growth experts who track trends, guide teams, remove roadblocks, and inform measured outcomes. They leverage their marketing expertise and the platform to bring your Web Development, SEO, Paid, and Inbound Marketing teams together for unstoppable accelerating growth.

AI Expertise that ensures your Growth
Unmatched ROI

Unmatched ROI

The concierge services ensure strong ROI for your Quattr subscription and your team's valuable growth efforts. They are also supported by our data scientists, data engineers, and web experts to execute the best growth strategies for you with ease and speed.

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