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Image Alt Text Generator

Image alt text is crucial for SEO & website accessibility, enhancing search engine understanding & boosting your visibility. Our free image alt text generator streamlines this process, helping you create precise, relevant image descriptions.


1. Enter your topic or main keyword.

2. Describe your image content for enhanced accuracy.

3. Select the number of image alt text suggestions you want to generate using the drop-down menu.

4. Click “Generate Alt Text”

5. Paste the generated image alt text in your document.

💡 Pro Tip: Ensure to provide detailed information on what your image is about.
Image Alt Text Generator

What is Image Alt Text?

Image alt text is a brief description of an image that helps search engines understand what the image is about. Good alt text should be descriptive, accurate, and concise. It should also be relevant to the page's content on which the image appears.

Why is Image Alt Text Important for SEO?

1. Boosts Ranking: Helps search engines understand your images and rank your pages higher.

2. Drives Traffic: Images with relevant alt text are more likely to appear in image search results, driving traffic to your site.

3. Improves User Experience: Visitors can still understand your content even if images don't load, thanks to alt text.

How do I Write Good Alt Text?

Be Descriptive & Specific

Alt text should concisely describe the image's purpose and content. Avoid generic or vague descriptions that don't add value to the user experience. Be as specific as possible while keeping it concise.

Keep it Short & Sweet

Screen readers may cut off alt text at around 125 characters, so it's best to stick within that limit. However, if the image requires a lengthier description, provide a shorter alt text and describe the image in the content.

Include Keywords, But Avoid Keyword Stuffing

If it makes sense to incorporate a relevant keyword or two into your alt text, go ahead and do so. It can help with your SEO efforts. However, avoid keyword stuffing, as search engines can recognize this and may penalize your site.

Skip Redundant Phrases

Avoid phrases like "image of" or "picture of" in your alt text. Screen readers already identify the content as an image, making these phrases redundant. Use the limited alt text length to provide a more useful, descriptive text.

How to Make Most of Image Alt Text Generator Tool?

Use precise, relevant keywords, keeping the image's features and emotions in mind. Utilize our keyword research tool for more keyword ideas. Give the tool instructions for generating the alt text that resonates with your audience.

Experiment with different keywords and instructions for the same image. The resulting diversity lets you handpick the most engaging alt text, enhancing your page's effectiveness.

Technology Behind Quattr's Image Alt Text Generator

Our alt text generator is seamlessly integrated with powerful language models that power ChatGPT, enabling it to understand and describe images like never before.

The tool empowers you to effortlessly generate image alt text that is not only descriptive but also engaging, enhancing your website's accessibility and user experience. It benefits users with visual impairments, browser issues, or slow internet connections.

Generate Image Alt Text & More With Content AI!

Our tool effortlessly generates image alt text, making your content accessible and SEO-friendly. It's as simple as entering your keyword, just like you do with our other free tool.

Maximize your content impact with Content AI. Outperform competitors and fast-track online success. Content AI helps you to:

1. Streamline your content production process

2. Perform keyword research

3. Generate high-quality copy that ranks high on the SERP

4. Optimize your existing copy

5. And many more!

Generate Alt Text Instantly With Content AI

Create & optimize your pages at scale with a unique image alt text generator

Start your 2-week free trial of Content AI to write, optimize & rank with ease & speed. Use all free AI tools with each other efficiently. Get started now - no credit card required!

Image Alt Text Generator FAQs

What is the difference between alt text and image title?

Alt text enriches website accessibility and improves SEO by describing image content to screen readers and search engines. In contrast, image titles provide hover-over information for sighted users, enhancing user experience without impacting SEO significantly.

Can I use the same alt text for similar images?

While it's possible to use identical alt text for similar images, it's not best practice. Alt text should be as descriptive and unique as possible to improve SEO and user experience, even for similar images. Tailoring each improves website accessibility and search engine optimization.

Is alt text the same as a caption?

Alt text and captions serve distinct purposes. Alt text enhances web accessibility, aiding bots & visually impaired users. On the other hand, captions directly explain images and their context to all viewers.

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