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Content AI - Your Content Copilot

Revolutionize Your Content Production

Quattr Content AI acts like a copilot for optimizing & creating high-quality 10X content. We evaluate your new or existing content like a search engine and give you specific recommendations to help your content get indexed and rank better. 

Create High-Quality Content with AI

Insert AI-generated copy & fill competitive gaps with just a click. Rescore for relevance and content quality.

Move Better & Faster. Generate ROI

Save time and maximize returns by accelerating your content production cycle without high upfront costs.

Optimize for Continuous SEO Growth

Boost traffic & convert visitors by improving content relevance & quality of published pages at scale.

Quattr’s Content AI Features

Generate Content Briefs. Faster &
At Scale

Create a new page in minutes with Quattr's Content AI technology! Discover high-volume keywords that grab your audience's attention and get maximum results with minimum inputs. Get ready to see your page soar on search engines.

Use our AI Copilot to Make the Best Copy with Projected Scoring

Quattr’s AI predictive scoring helps you understand how your content will perform on search engines based on real-time factors that affect SEO. See scope of potential success as you create new copy that is the best in quality and relevance for target keywords. Make informed decisions and adjustments for optimal results.

Optimize for Relevance and Content Quality

Our platform has been built to analyze and evaluate your content for relevance and quality. It's like having a team of expert writers at your disposal, without actually having to pay for them! Analyze user search queries and competitor content to create 10x content faster & rank it on search engines.

Your Content Copilot is ready. Are you?

Start your 2-week free trial & supercharge your copy with Content AI

Create high-quality SEO content in a fraction of the time it takes your competitors and optimize for continuous growth. Maximize returns and streamline your content cycle to rank on search engines.

Try Content AI Free Tools for SEO and Marketing

AI Keyword Research Tools

Get a competitive edge in SERP rankings with our free AI keyword research tools. Discover targeted keywords, get keyword statistics, and cluster keywords to boost your digital footprint.

AI Content Optimization Tools

Generate SEO-optimized headings, image alt text, anchor text, and topic topics for your content pages. Optimize and create 10x content faster that ranks high on SERPs.

AI Content Writing Tools

Enhance your copywriting speed, quality, and creativity at no cost with our AI writing tools. Experience improved efficiency and performance in content creation right at your fingertips.

AI SEO Tools

Get more online visibility and boost your website traffic by improving the copy that appears on search engines with our free AI SEO tools. Write title tags, meta descriptions, and H1 headings optimized for user intents & search engine success.

Happy Customers

Feedback from our customers inspires us to strive for excellence.

I highly recommend the Quattr team for their expertise in SEO, and innovative SEO platform. Quattr’s SEO platform gives us insight into our global footprint and uncovers opportunities to optimize to improve traffic, ranking, and revenue. Quattr’s SEO consulting is group of dedicated experts that work hand in hand with our internal SEO team weekly and have helped us manage and improve SEO for McAfee.com.

Jonathan Bleier

Senior Global SEO Manager

One has a chance to work with a truly transformative technology a few times in your career. Quattr is one of those such instances. Past SEO tools and approaches moved the needle incrementally. Quattr’s data-driven, AI-enabled model has enabled us to accelerate our organic traffic growth at a dramatically faster rate that is having a direct impact on our business.

Patrick Spencer

VP of Corporate Marketing

Over the past couple of years Quattr's SEO platform has become an indispensable part of how we do SEO at Housing and has helped us become India's fastest growing online real estate portal. Quattr not only provides us accurate explanations of traffic trends even at our massive scale but is also able to prioritize the specific gaps we need to address next. That's a competitive advantage. Highly recommend Quattr's AI!

Snehil Gautam

Chief Growth & Marketing Office

Quattr’s AI is a game changer for harnessing the power of search engines. Quattr was a true force-multiplier for my growth engineering team at THE YES (now Pinterest shopping).

Amit Aggarwal

Co-Founder & CTO

In less than a year, we’ve increased our non-brand search traffic 4x thanks to our partnership with Quattr. An amazing tool that combines the power of science and art, driven by some of the smartest people in the industry.

Deniz Camsari

VP of Marketing

We now have a full picture of our SEO efforts. Quattr helps us with both the strategic and tactical aspects of SEO, plus it offers multilingual SEO for our language sites.

Sameer Bhopale


Content AI FAQs

1. What is Quattr's Content AI & Why Use It?

Quattr's Content AI revolutionizes SEO content creation, effortlessly integrating optimization tactics from the beginning of the content development process. Content AI empowers you to create high-quality content efficiently, gaining a competitive edge in your industry.

2. How Does Content AI Work?

Content AI utilizes artificial intelligence to generate and optimize content by analyzing vast amounts of data. We leverage GPT4 (the same technology that powers ChatGPT) and other NLP models in an elegant combination for this task. Content AI comprehends your input, understands its context, and creates relevant content, serving as a content copilot or a virtual assistant for your content needs.

3. Is Content AI Good?

The key distinction of Content AI from other AI tools lies in its application. While most AI tools are designed with a broad focus, Content AI is specifically developed for optimizing and content creation. It uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to generate, curate, and optimize content for better engagement and performance.

4. Who Can Use Content AI?

Content AI is a versatile tool that caters to a wide range of users, making it a valuable asset for various professionals and businesses. Whether you're a seasoned content creator or just stepping into the world of digital marketing, Content AI has something to offer.

5. What Languages Does Content AI Support?

Content AI supports many languages, from the most widely spoken, such as English, Mandarin, and Spanish, to less common languages. This ensures that users from around the globe can optimally utilize the technology.

6. Is Content AI Free?

Yes, you can begin with a 2-week free trial of Content AI. After that, you have to select one of the paid plans. Quattr also offers 15+ free Content AI tools that allow users to leverage the power of AI prompts for free.