SEO Solutions for B2C Companies

Every B2C company wants to beat the competition, increase conversion rates, and attract new customers. All of which are downright intimidating! B2C businesses have to offer a great user experience and stand out from the crowd.

So how can your SEO efforts break through the noise?

The best way to get ahead is by using an SEO platform designed for B2C. But winning the search engine game is challenging. To stand out on search engines, you need a continuous SEO approach enabled by an AI driven by your data and a solution and SEO expert.

Quattr makes easy data-driven B2C SEO & SEM possible!

How Quattr can help your B2C Marketing Strategy?

It is the first and only growth SEO platform built to think like a search engine.


Our AI scans your site, your competitors' sites, and your data, then uses that information to provide clear and actionable in-app recommendations.

Our expert SEO Concierge team is here to help you every step of the way. With Quattr, strong SEO is simple and transparent.


Keep reading to see how Quattr can help you meet your business needs.

B2C Companies Scaling Growth with Quattr

B2C customers see a 4x ROI through deals closed from organic traffic

Gain B2C Competitive Edge

The competition is fierce, and it's only growing. But you can earn a competitive edge through SEO.
A clear view of the SEO landscape is the foundation for quickly understanding how to beat the competition.

View Market Share Changes for All Search Data

Quattr’s Market Share feature is a comprehensive research tool that lets you view the global organic search market daily for the keywords you care about most. In addition, Quattr automatically creates a comprehensive keyword list to replay in Google daily based on your Google Search Console data—creating an independent keyword ranking that can be combined with your Google Search Console or Google Ads data.

Once the tracking is implemented, Quattr will calculate your market share across all your keyword data and competitors’ rankings for those keywords providing a single metric to gauge how your organic visibility shifts daily.

For any changes in market share, Quattr will be able to identify which competitors may have stolen it and where it may be gained for your brand since it tracks the results from the entire keyword list.

To make market share tracking even more powerful, you can zero in on market share data by segmenting keywords and URLs natively in Quattr. You can analyze market share across specific keyword intent segments of non-brand traffic instead of just overall site-level scores.

Identify SEO Opportunities & Measure Impact

There are unlimited drill-down functionalities and competitor comparisons to have a side-by-side view of various keyword intents and competitors to understand who may be winning or losing after a traffic drop.

Quattr can quickly explain algorithm updates given our competitor tracking and the daily tracking functionality that updates faster than Google Search Console data. This is also a fail-safe to have reliable data when Google Search Console data has an outage as Quattr stores data independently.

Optimize for Google Ranking Factors

Quattr also guides you on why fluctuations may happen with our Ranking Factors breakdown for any given URL or keyword.
Ranking Factors is a feature that allows you to perform a thorough competitor analysis. Quattr has mapped out several ranking factors across content and performance for your entire site and competitors’ content actively competing for those same keywords. You can view a side-by-side comparison of your content and the competition’s content to pinpoint where there may be a competitive gap or room for growth. The compiled data is stored every week so that you can view the ranking factor trends over time for any given keyword and/or competitors.

Optimize Content for Multiple Keywords at Scale

There are unlimited drill-down functionalities and competitor comparisons to have a side-by-side view of various keyword intents and competitors to understand who may be winning or losing after a traffic drop.

Quattr can quickly explain algorithm updates given our competitor tracking and the daily tracking functionality that updates faster than Google Search Console data. This is also a fail-safe to have reliable data when Google Search Console data has an outage as Quattr stores data independently.

Maximize Traffic & Improve ROI

SEO is crucial to bringing traffic to your website, but it's only the first step. You must ensure that those visitors take advantage of your product or service by providing them with the right content and a clear path toward conversion.

Understand User Intent & Optimize for Conversions

One of the first activities in a Quattr engagement is to set up search intent classification across your entire corpus of keywords. This means your search intents will be known and clustered so you can separate the irrelevant keywords from the most important ones that ultimately lead to conversions. This allows you to optimize all content mapped to these valuable keywords.

Bring All Your Search Data in One View

Quattr brings in multiple data sources to enrich the Google Search Console data. This includes Google Ads, Google Analytics, and any other clickstream tool. When all this data is warehoused, Quattr can gather the conversion data from all sources to give you the complete picture.

So, for example, when we know which landing pages have a Google Analytics Conversion, we can then connect all of the keywords mapped to those landing pages with conversion intent. Additionally, when we know which keywords from Google Ads have conversions, we can find those matching keywords with Google Search Console and map out conversion intent.

Synergize Organic & Paid Search

When optimizing your on-page SEO, Quattr is clustering keywords from a specific page and pulls in all relevant Google Ads keyword data—allowing you to see a side-by-side view of your keyword data from Google Search Console and Google Ads for an individual landing page so you can pinpoint clusters with ad conversions to optimize first.

With this keyword segmentation, Quattr allows you to cut through the noise of your search data to focus continuously on those that lead to conversion.

Improve Website Performance for Better User Experience

Website performance plays a significant role in optimizing conversions. The faster the site, the better the conversation rate. Quattr helps you prioritize the various performance-related issues so you can have a stacked rank list of items with the most significant impact on conversion. Quattr runs various performance audits on your URLs and then aggregates that data with the traffic and conversion data. We can map each performance issue to the number of URLs, the number of clicks impacted, and the number of conversions.

Scale Customer Acquisition for Growth

SEO is an excellent tool for increasing the number of new customers on your website. This is because most web traffic comes from search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimizing your website can improve your ranking on these pages, leading to more clicks and business.

Get Real-Time Data & Analytics

Quattr is constantly analyzing all of your Google Search Console data daily. Meaning that even if a landing page registers a single impression, it will be pulled into Quattr so that you can continuously optimize against growing traffic sources. In addition, Quattr can map out new growth areas with Ranking Factors to give you actionable steps to obtain traffic from new areas of optimization.

Our analytics are extremely comprehensive at a macro and micro level. Dashboards can be created to show where your content ranks within Google and has drill-down functionality to narrow that down to specific keyword rankings. This is all made easier to understand with our Market Share feature, which lets you figure out how much traffic you may be missing out on. You can then prioritize optimizing those segments of traffic where market share is low to receive new users.

Compare Search Performance with Multiple Competitors

With Quattr, you can streamline competitive research across multiple competitors simultaneously. As a result, you can quickly pick up on competitors’ optimization strategies you are not using and ultimately use them to get in front of new traffic sources. In addition, you can quickly scan all of the competitor headings and metadata for their top ranking sites and incorporate anything missing into your page.

Minimize Content Gaps & Identify New Opportunities

We go even further to help you find new customers with Keyword Gap recommendations. Our platform identifies the keywords competitors’ pages rank for that are not coming through your Google Search Console. These keywords are then grouped in clusters for you to select and optimize. This allows you to optimize your content with missing keywords to bring in new traffic, take market share away from your competitors, and bring in new customers.

Quattr’s Topical Recommendations workflow allows you to see Content Gaps across a keyword space. Allowing you to improve your landing pages with new content topics so that they can cover those topic more comprehensively. Doing this makes your content more authoritative as it covers a topic in its entirety, and you get greater visibility across a more expansive keyword space. Resulting in more traffic across new keyword segments and the creation of foundational ‘pillar pages’ of content that you can use for internal linking across other topics and keyword spaces.

Happy Customers

Feedback from our customers inspires us to strive for excellence.

Over the past couple of years Quattr's SEO platform has become an indispensable part of how we do SEO at Housing and has helped us become India's fastest growing online real estate portal. Quattr not only provides us accurate explanations of traffic trends even at our massive scale but is also able to prioritize the specific gaps we need to address next. That's a competitive advantage. Highly recommend Quattr's AI!

Snehil Gautam

Chief Growth & Marketing Office

In less than a year, we’ve increased our non-brand search traffic 4x thanks to our partnership with Quattr. An amazing tool that combines the power of science and art, driven by some of the smartest people in the industry.

Deniz Camsari

VP of Marketing

I highly recommend the Quattr team for their expertise in SEO, and innovative SEO platform. Quattr’s SEO platform gives us insight into our global footprint and uncovers opportunities to optimize to improve traffic, ranking, and revenue. Quattr’s SEO consulting is group of dedicated experts that work hand in hand with our internal SEO team weekly and have helped us manage and improve SEO for

Jonathan Bleier

Senior Global SEO Manager

One has a chance to work with a truly transformative technology a few times in your career. Quattr is one of those such instances. Past SEO tools and approaches moved the needle incrementally. Quattr’s data-driven, AI-enabled model has enabled us to accelerate our organic traffic growth at a dramatically faster rate that is having a direct impact on our business.

Patrick Spencer

VP of Corporate Marketing

Quattr’s AI is a game changer for harnessing the power of search engines. Quattr was a true force-multiplier for my growth engineering team at THE YES (now Pinterest shopping).

Amit Aggarwal

Co-Founder & CTO

We now have a full picture of our SEO efforts. Quattr helps us with both the strategic and tactical aspects of SEO, plus it offers multilingual SEO for our language sites.

Sameer Bhopale


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