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When it comes to online B2B and SaaS marketing, SEO is a central part of any strategy. Yet many companies overlook this essential aspect of marketing, because it takes a lot of time and effort to get right. But the payoff is huge.

Combining your SEO & SEM efforts is key

SEO will help attract new customers, increase online traffic, and help gain traction in the B2B & SaaS market. On the other hand, SEM helps increase brand awareness and reach your target audience instantly.

Quattr makes easy data-driven SEO & SEM possible for B2B & SaaS!

How Quattr can help your SaaS Marketing Strategy?

It is the first and only growth SEO platform built to think like a search engine.


Our AI scans your site, your competitors' sites, and your data, then uses that information to provide clear and actionable in-app recommendations.

Our expert SEO Concierge team is here to help you every step of the way. With Quattr, strong SEO is simple and transparent.


Keep reading to see how Quattr can help you meet your business needs.

B2B Companies Scaling Growth with Quattr

B2B customers see a 4x ROI through deals closed from organic traffic

Increase High-Quality Traffic

Good SEO means quality traffic. That means more people who are interested in what you are offering, so they'll be more likely to convert.

Integrated SEO Data

When starting an engagement, Quattr works on pooling your historical search data into a data warehouse. This enables Quattr to start mining historical keyword data and developing pipelines to pull ongoing keyword data daily.

Understand the Search Intents of Your ICPs  and Track ICP Traffic Trends

All of this raw keyword and URL data is then further enriched with Quattr’s AI that clusters this keyword data into what we call Search Intent. By creating these keyword clusters, brands can segment through the noise and always focus on the highest quality of traffic.

Optimize Content on Landing Pages

Quattr segments landing pages into keyword clusters to allow brands to focus clearly on the most valuable keywords to bring in higher quality organic traffic.

Throughout a given landing page’s lifecycle, there may be hundreds if not thousands of keywords it has some kind of ranking for. Sometimes these keywords can be utterly random phrases unrelated to your business goals. Quattr’s clustering algorithm provides full transparency into the keyword space so you can focus on optimizing the keywords that matter most to your business.

Quattr can score your site’s content against the relevancy of the keywords so that you can understand how well your B2B SEO strategies are working for your target keyword clusters. This ensures your landing pages rank for the targeted keywords that directly lead to conversion instead of irrelevant traffic.

Know and Beat Your Competition

Quattr enables you to beat the competition in several ways. The first involves Quattr’s ability to pinpoint precisely who your search competitors are with laser focus.

Track Organic Market Share Changes in Real-Time

Quattr calculates market share for organic search every day across your overall keyword portfolio. With the segmented search intent clustering, you need only select the part of the site you want to look at, and Quattr will provide a ranked list of your precise competitors and the scale at which they compete.

This is a great way to get a high-level overview of SaaS market trends that consistently provides data even in the case of a reporting delay in Google Search Console since Quattr is scraping market share independently.

You can select the segment of keyword traffic you want to analyze and view which websites may be rising or falling in market share on any given day. For example, the market share changes can be dramatic after an algorithm update. Other times, things are ambiguous and involve direct competition between sites.

This is where Quattr provides clear visibility into these ‘ranking battles’ so that brands can course correct and double down on optimization efforts to come out ahead and continuously grow market share.

Compare Search Ranking Factors with Competitors

Quattr also allows you to beat the competition in an exceptionally tactical manner. You can view specific search ranking factors that score your site and which competitors are competing for that keyword space for any keyword or URL. You can see who is winning across the competitive landscape for a given piece of content and have an actionable workflow to rank highest.

Execute On-Page Optimization by Analyzing Competing Pages

Quattr is scoring all page components on your site and the competition so you can understand specific optimization gaps like who has the best set of headings, body content, or meta. Then, in just a few clicks, run through an actionable workflow to close those optimization gaps.

You can dive deeper into competitive gaps and specific components of the page and view side-by-side comparisons. Quattr can break down competitor landing pages into various ‘Content Elements’ that include metadata, headings, body content, anchor text, alt image text, and structured data.

Our AI gives these elements a  Keyword Relevance score, so you can pinpoint components of the page that need improvement since they are not optimized toward a given keyword cluster—streamlining competitive analysis, so you know exactly where to optimize instead of analyzing an entire page and not knowing where to look first.

Win Valuable B2B Leads
& Grow Revenues (ARR)

More high-quality traffic equals more valuable leads.
Higher-quality leads mean higher conversion rates. It all adds up!

Quattr is connected to multiple data sources linked to conversion data. These include the Google Ads API, Google Analytics, Adobe, and any clickstream data source you use. This data is then joined with SEO data from Google Search Console to create a robust data pool with countless insights just waiting to be mined.

Filter Data and Prioritize Lead Generation

You can focus on the parts of your SaaS website that directly lead to conversion and lead generation. Quattr’s robust filtering functionality can enable you to optimize landing pages that have mapped conversions.

Often there is significant blog traffic in a B2B environment that does not lead to conversion. Quattr can cipher through the myriad of pages, search for conversions mapped to landing pages, and prioritize accordingly.

Cluster & Segment Google Ads Data for Better Results

Taking this conversion identification one step further, Quattr not only can mine conversions at the landing page level but can also do this at the keyword level. As Quattr is ingesting all Google Ads data via API, Quattr is mapping which keywords lead to conversions and creating conversion keyword clusters.

These clusters are a whole new way to segment Google Ads conversion data beyond the standard campaign or ad group dimension, which means that Quattr can provide guidance on how to build out Google Ads campaigns with more granularity around conversion than what is possible within the Google Ads interface.

Synergize Organic & Paid Data

Within the landing page optimization workflow, you can pull paid keyword clusters alongside their organic equivalents to quickly analyze which keyword clusters map to conversion events from your Google Ads campaigns and which have not. This optimization results in keyword segments with proven conversion data to build organic visibility so that you can continue receiving more conversions and reduce overall paid spend.

Correlate Conversions with Page Performance

Web performance and speed are critical to maintain for optimal conversion rates. Quattr provides the most efficient path to correct performance for a given site. This is done by analyzing the entire site and aggregating performance gaps at the issue level.

Quattr’s prioritization algorithms calculate a ranked order of issues to focus upon that incorporates things such as traffic impact, the scope of the site, and conversion. Quattr will be able to explain in just a few clicks the most critical areas to fix that directly impact the conversion events across the entire site.

Happy Customers

Feedback from our customers inspires us to strive for excellence.

I highly recommend the Quattr team for their expertise in SEO, and innovative SEO platform. Quattr’s SEO platform gives us insight into our global footprint and uncovers opportunities to optimize to improve traffic, ranking, and revenue. Quattr’s SEO consulting is group of dedicated experts that work hand in hand with our internal SEO team weekly and have helped us manage and improve SEO for

Jonathan Bleier

Senior Global SEO Manager

One has a chance to work with a truly transformative technology a few times in your career. Quattr is one of those such instances. Past SEO tools and approaches moved the needle incrementally. Quattr’s data-driven, AI-enabled model has enabled us to accelerate our organic traffic growth at a dramatically faster rate that is having a direct impact on our business.

Patrick Spencer

VP of Corporate Marketing

Quattr’s AI is a game changer for harnessing the power of search engines. Quattr was a true force-multiplier for my growth engineering team at THE YES (now Pinterest shopping).

Amit Aggarwal

Co-Founder & CTO

In less than a year, we’ve increased our non-brand search traffic 4x thanks to our partnership with Quattr. An amazing tool that combines the power of science and art, driven by some of the smartest people in the industry.

Deniz Camsari

VP of Marketing

We now have a full picture of our SEO efforts. Quattr helps us with both the strategic and tactical aspects of SEO, plus it offers multilingual SEO for our language sites.

Sameer Bhopale


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