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Quattr has eliminated the guesswork from SEO content production, enabling faster content creation that is AI-optimized for higher SEO rankings. This has helped drive organic traffic at an impressive upward incline.
Tatyana Grinenko
Digital Marketing Sr. Manager
Quattr’s AI-driven SEO recommendations, paired with personalized consulting, allows us to optimize and grow our market share globally.
Jonathan Bleier
Senior Global SEO Manager
Past SEO tools moved the needle incrementally. Quattr’s data-driven, AI-enabled model has enabled us to accelerate our organic traffic growth at a dramatically faster rate that is having a direct impact on our business.
Patrick Spencer
VP Corporate Marketing
Over the past couple of years Quattr's SEO platform has become an indispensable part of how we do SEO at Housing & has helped us become India's fastest growing online real estate portal.
Snehil Gautam
Chief Growth & Marketing Officer
In less than a year, we have increased our non-brand search traffic 4x thanks to our partnership with Quattr.
Deniz Camsari
VP of Marketing
Quattr’s AI is a game changer for harnessing the power of search engines. Quattr was a true force-multiplier for my growth engineering team at THE YES (now Pinterest shopping).
Amit Aggarwal
Co-Founder & CTO

Today's approach to SEO is deeply flawed.

Let’s face it: The current approach to SEO is complex, resource-draining, time-wasting, and doesn't guarantee results, leaving marketing teams without a clear path to success.

What if there was a better way?

Easy, data-driven
SEO Platform is here.

Quattr is the first and only growth platform built to think like a search engine. Our AI scans your site, your competitors' sites, and your data, then uses that information to provide clear and actionable in-app recommendations to give you an unprecedented competitive edge. Plus, our expert SEO Concierge team is here to help you every step of the way.

The Quattr Path to Success



Identify key factors affecting your SEO performance



Current Text

Content irrelevant keywords

Proposed Text

Relevant content to keywords
suggested by Quattr's AI

Take AI-guided actions calculated to
improve rankings



Top Ranking


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Top Ranking


Real-time growth analysis with our
predictive scoring tool

Quattr Features

Enterprise Rank Tracking gives you complete visibility into your market share in real time. You'll know which competitors are stealing traffic from you, and you'll be able to see which of your pages are performing under par.

Customizable and granular analytics empower you with transparent data from one convenient location so that you can make informed decisions quickly. Never lose sight of what's happening in your market.

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Understand how your site ranks in terms of content quality, keyword relevance, performance score, accessibility, best practices, SEO compliance, and mobile-friendliness. You can see how you stack up against competitors and spot gaps in your SEO.

But here's the best part: once you've identified an issue, you can resolve it directly within the platform. We've packed our platform with helpful tools that allow you to optimize your site right then and there—no need to waste time switching between different programs!

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Whether you’re looking to create better content for organic searches, or optimize your paid content for target keywords, our keyword recommendations provide clear and prioritized content improvement suggestions to rank higher.

With Quattr's content marketing feature, sandbox your changes and preview how they will affect search results before implementing them on your live site.

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Uncover key technical SEO insights that are essential to rank improvement. Easily identify opportunities for improvement across site issues such as Accessibility, Best Practices, Mobile Friendliness, Performance and SEO Compliance.

Pull lighthouse reports and task lists at mass scale to collaborate with website managers or developers on timely mitigation.

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Utilize Quattr's SEO platform for analytics, growth, & more.
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of top global brands

Helping Grow





customer annual revenue

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Get a competitive edge in SERP rankings with our free AI keyword research tools. Discover targeted keywords, get keyword statistics, and cluster keywords to boost your digital footprint.

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